BRIDGEWATER, MASS. (WHDH) - Sometimes life hands us an unexpected challenge.

“It’s been nuts,” says Jason Esposito, of the challenge he is facing. “I’ve fallen apart a few times.”

It all began four years ago, when Jason started having trouble seeing.

“I thought, ‘I’ll put some glasses on,'” says the Bridgewater man.

But glasses didn’t fix his vision problems. It was something much more serious. Jason was diagnosed with Fuchs’ dystrophy; a progressive eye disease that can lead to blindness.

Jason’s life turned upside down. He lost his job driving a forklift and moved to a place where he can get extra help. But it has been tough.

“I’m in my room almost 24/7 crying because I can’t even watch TV,” he says.

Due to his failing eyesight, Jason has somebody who helps him keep track of his money. Earlier this year he asked that person to send him $300 so he could pay a bill and buy groceries. But something went wrong.

“It never came,” Jason says.

The person sent Jason the check, but he didn’t receive it and there was an even bigger problem.

“He told me the check was cashed!” Jason says.

After doing some digging, Jason’s financial helper found out the check ended up a few miles from his home, at the Bridgewater Correctional Center.

“Do you have any idea how they ended up with your money?” asks 7News’s Kris Anderson.

“From what I gathered, the mailman brought it there by mistake,” says Jason.

They tried reaching out to the prison but didn’t hear back, so Jason called Solve It 7!

“I just want my $300,” Jason says.

We contacted the state’s Department of Correction. An employee confirmed they received the check and eventually forwarded it to the state’s unclaimed property division. They told us they would make some calls and help Jason get his money.

“And here it is!” says Jason, showing off the check it took him months to receive, thanks to Solve It 7.

“It’s crazy what you guys do,” Jason says. “You don’t have to and you do.”

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