Solve It 7: Missed Maine Event

BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Summer weddings in New England are a time-tested tradition. They’re also a great way to see family and friends.

“I want everybody together,” says Tracey Fedor, of these big life milestones.

Tracey and her husband raised their children in Brockton. Now that they’re all grown up, she doesn’t get to see them as often as she’d like.

“Everyone’s going in their own different directions,” she says. “Everyone grows up and moves on. So we don’t get to see each other [much]. Usually weddings.”

Luckily for Tracey, late last year her son’s best friend decided he was going to get married in Maine.

“Scott was my son’s best man at his wedding two years ago,” she says. “It was going to be great.”

Tracey went online to Airbnb and found the perfect house to rent for the August ceremony. She booked the home, paid the $500 deposit and then started planning the getaway.

“Go down to Old Orchard Beach, have everybody over for lobster, have a good time,” she says of her family’s plans.

But that good time had to be put on hold because of COVID-19.

“With Maine’s restrictions, the wedding had to be cancelled,” she says.

Tracey was disappointed but knew safety had to come first. Problem is, the Airbnb property that she booked for the wedding had a no refund policy on deposits. Figuring it wouldn’t hurt to try, Tracey contacted the host directly to explain the situation and ask for her $500 back.

“Then [the host] said, ‘Actually, I’m giving full refunds,'” Tracey says.

The host told Tracey to contact Airbnb’s Resolution Center and let them know that she was offering a full refund. Easy enough, right? Not quite.

Tracey says she spent the next few weeks calling and emailing Airbnb, but never heard back. The host told her the refund had to be processed by the company. Frustrated and wanting her money back, Tracey had another idea.

“I’m like, ‘I’ll call Solve It 7!'” she says.

We were able to connect with someone from Airbnb and the representative explained the host did have the ability to issue the refund on her own using the Resolution Center, something the hosts told Tracey she didn’t know.

After our conversation, Airbnb made sure Tracey got her money back.

“Within a few hours, same day, I got the refund,” she says. “I was shocked…I can’t believe it happened so fast.”

And Tracey is grateful for the help.

“If anything I just want to say thank you very much,” she says.

Tracey is excited about planning her next family adventure, but is going to wait until it’s safe to do so after the pandemic is over.

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