When Maria Buduo vacations in Aruba it’s always a family affair.

“Oh we love it, we go every other year basically–it’s a big family trip,” she said.

A few days after the family got home, they noticed something valuable was missing…

Maria said, “it was my grandson’s iPhone 12; so I called them immediately and said can you find my grandson’s phone is it in the lost and found where is it, and they basically said to me it’s not here.”

Maria’s son decided to track his phone using the ‘find your iPhone’ feature.

It showed that it was on the tarmac at Logan Airport – presumably on the plane, they’d flown abroad.

They gave the airline customer service manager the phone’s location.

“I said I have a tracker here that says it’s still in Boston can you please go look for me,” Maria asked.

But the airline said they couldn’t locate it.

“She says we checked it’s not there, it’s not there, I said I’m telling you we’re tracking it. I just got frustrated,” Maria said.

Maria says it was even more frustrating to watch the plane they believed held the missing phone travel the world,“It went to Punta Cana, it went to Santa Domingo, went back and forth to Aruba.”

“I called them again, says there’s no phone,” Maria said.

So Maria phoned someone else for help!

“I’m calling Solve It 7 to help me find this phone cause they’re not helping me,” Maria said.

We contacted the airline and explained the phone was tracked in Boston and was likely still somewhere on the airplane.

“My guess is, the phone fell out of his bag,” Maria said.

3 days after Maria reached out to us…

“The phone was found, I’m very happy they found the phone and my grandson’s happy he got his phone back,” Maria said.

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