Solve It 7: Nuptial Nightmare


Dawn-Marie Winters and Patrick Williams said they found their dream wedding venue just across the border in New Hampshire.

“It’s nice and big and spacious and they just remodeled it too,” said Patrick.

Wanting a winter wonderland wedding, the couple put down a deposit for New Year’s Day nuptials.

“It was a Friday. It was a holiday and we knew that people would have the weekend off,” said Dawn-Marie.

The venue was closed for several months due to the covid pandemic, but the couple wasn’t too worried.

“I kept thinking to myself, ‘Oh, by January it will be fine,’” said Dawn-Marie.

The venue reopened and assured Patrick and Dawn-Marie the wedding would go off without a hitch.

But as the pandemic continued the couple began to have reservations.

“It’s a concern for multiple reasons. The obvious being our guests and we don’t want to put anyone at risk,” said Dawn-Marie.

Most of their guests were coming from Massachusetts and the couple worried about out-of-state travel restrictions.

But the venue wouldn’t allow them to cancel or change the date.

“They called me and said, ‘There’s no option to postpone. The state of New Hampshire is not in a shutdown,” said Dawn-Marie.

So Dawn-Marie called Solve It 7.

We contacted the venue and explained the situation.

“As soon as I contacted Solve It 7, the venue was like immediately reaching out to me,” said Dawn-Marie.

The venue agreed to move the wedding to October and to honor the original off-season prices for the soon-to-be newlyweds.

Now Dawn-Marie has a lot of love for Solve It 7.

“We couldn’t be more thankful,” said Dawn-Marie.

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