Michael Feldman is used to taking people for a ride. His company, All Luxury Worldwide in Chelsea, provides high end rides for high end clientele – like celebrities, movie stars and pro athletes.

But for the past two years the tables were turned and he is the one being taken for a ride.

“One of our athletes that we were servicing wanted to use us exclusively, and we provided that service for the client,” he explained.

That client was former Patriots wide receiver Donte Stallworth, who pleaded guilty to DUI Manslaughter after he hit and killed a man with his car in Miami back in 2009.

He spent twenty-four days in jail, and was suspended by the NFL for an entire season.

“Due to his inability to drive we were able to service him for about two months during his time in Boston,” Feldman said, recalling the stretch of time in 2012 when Stallworth played for the Patriots.

Feldman said that after two months of service, Stallworth’s bill soared to more than $14,000.

“Money was getting paid and then all of a sudden we agreed to get the rest of the money paid, and that wasn’t taking place.” Feldman said, while shaking his head in disbelief.

That’s when the problems began. Feldman told us he spent months calling and emailing Stallworth, his attorney and anyone else he could think of to try and get the money.

Nothing worked.

After two years and no new payments he decided to make another call.  

This time the call was to Solve It 7.

Feldman was angry. “He always said he was going to make good on it.  We made the arrangement for him to make a $500 payment every week, and after time it didn’t take place.”

We called Stallworth’s attorney in Miami, who told us he didn’t know anything about the money owed.

He said if we email him a copy of the bill, he would make sure to reach out to Donte and get it taken care of, which we did.

Within hours of that call we heard back from Feldman.  

He said he had just received a call saying Stallworth wanted to make a payment on the invoice.

A few weeks later, he received two deposits in his bank account from Stallworth’s representatives totaling $13,000 – the balance of what was owed!

Feldman was thrilled. 

“We appreciate everything you guys have done for us!  That helped us get the case resolved.  If it wasn’t for Solve It 7, we would still have an outstanding balance.”

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