A Norwell woman says her new car was damaged by a tow truck driver.  When she couldn’t get her claim paid, she shifted gears and contacted Solve It 7.  Brandon Gunnoe has the story.

This sporty, shiny Tesla was Natasha’s birthday gift from her husband.

“I love the car so much,” Natasha said. 

Natasha charges the electric car in their garage.

“We plug it in every night, and it charges it fully,” Natasha said. 

But earlier this year, Natasha drove it to New Jersey.

“It was my first time overnight somewhere, and I wasn’t used to not plugging it in in my garage. It ran out of power,” Natasha said. 

So she called a roadside assistance company for a tow to a charging station.

“A flatbed company showed up, and the guy who arrived, the first thing he said was, ‘Oh, my god, I’ve never towed a Tesla before.’ I was like, ‘Great,'” Natasha said. 

Natasha says that’s when her tow trouble started.

“He’s pulling it up, scraping the rims against the sidewalk and against the metal of his flatbed, and it’s at a weird angle, and it was just like a total debacle,” Natasha said. “My friend and I are standing there. And we’re like, ‘What are you doing? Stop! Stop!'”

She says her car was scraped and scuffed.  

“I was pointing to it. I was like, ‘Look what you did.’ As he was transporting it, the wheel covers flew off. I was so upset.”

Natasha called the roadside assistance company.

“They were so kind on the phone. They said, ‘Do not worry about it. We will take care of everything.’ They said they were going send their adjuster,” Natasha said. 

But she says after the adjuster arrived, her claim hit the brakes.

“That adjuster then started cross-examining me started changing the story. After the adjuster submitted everything, the tow truck company then denied everything. I was so upset and so disappointed,” Natasha said. 

Natasha says the situation seemed so black and white!  

“I spoke to a supervisor. They resubmitted the claim for a second time. It was denied again,” Natasha said. 

She put in a claim with her own insurance company but was stuck paying a one-thousand-dollar deductible.

“We were like, ‘Why are we paying this? This isn’t our fault.’ There wasn’t a scratch on our vehicle when we called the tow company. We asked them to pay the deductible. But they refused,” Natasha said. 

Feeling revved up– she contacted Solve It Seven.

“We watch you all the time,” Natasha said. 

We emailed the roadside assistance company. A representative told us:  

“We truly appreciate that this matter was brought to our attention to give us an opportunity to resolve it satisfactorily. We will be issuing a check for $1,000 to cover the deductible.”

And soon after, Natasha got the check.

“Thank you so much. Solve it 7. You guys are the best. You’re amazing. We love you. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you,” Natasha said. 

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