Roland Pardini is proud of his vegetable garden, but taking care of it has been tough since his motorized wheelchair broke down last September.

"All of a sudden the thing started twirling around in circles and I had to call for help," Pardini explained.

Pardini's wheelchair, his "legs" as he calls it, needed to be fixed, so he called Precision Repair Network, a company that services motorized chairs. Pardini says the company promised him he would have his chair back in two weeks, but that wasn't the case. After months and still no wheelchair, Pardini got more bad news. Precision Repair Network had filed for bankruptcy. "It was very depressing and not in a psychological way, but in a sadness type of way," Pardini said.

Pardini then got a phone call in April from a different company, Trusted Mobility Repair, which through bankruptcy proceedings took over Precision Repair Network. They had his chair and Pardini says he was told it would be delivered in two weeks. That didn't happen either. Pardini says he contacted Trusted Mobility Repair several times, but couldn't get answers about his wheelchair. That's when he called Solve It 7.

We spoke with Trusted Mobility's president Ron DeMuth, who told us that Pardini's chair was tied up in bankruptcy court and they didn't get the green light to fix until May 13th. However, the chair was fixed and they were speeding up the delivery process. 

Less than 24 hours after our phone call, Pardini was reunited with his chair and ready to hit the road.

"You guys you're making my day. I know I just love you all," Pardini said.

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