SOMERVILLE, Mass. (WHDH) — MIT Officer Sean Collier who was killed in his patrol car on the school’s campus one week ago was just months away from becoming a Somerville police officer.

It was a unanimous vote in the city of Somerville Thursday to honor the lifelong dream of one of its fallen sons.

“He loved this community. He wanted to be a part of protecting it and serving it. And being a police officer here,” said Jennifer Lemmerman, Collier’s sister.

Sean Collier would have officially joined the Somerville Police Department on June 3, but the city now plans to add his name to its officers’ ranks following his death.

“As far as we're concerned he's been with us. Even in death he’s with us,” said a Somerville police officer.

“He would have been a fantastic Somerville police officer and he was an excellent MIT police officer,” another Somerville police officer said.

Before Collier was allegedly killed by the Boston Marathon bombing suspects, he served as a Somerville auxiliary officer, and then as one of the department's civilian employees. He would have been appointed to the force in just a few more weeks.

“We know it's something Sean really, really wanted. He did love it here,” said Jenn Rogers, Collier’s sister.

Collier wasn't present to watch his dream finally come true, but his brothers and sisters say it was everything he would have wanted it to be.

“He wanted to be right here in Somerville. Right outside the city. He wanted to help people. It would absolutely mean the world to him,” said

In a week filled with so many tributes, Collier’s family could have imagined none more touching than this one.

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