Solve it 7: Dog Hotel

BOSTON (WHDH) - Lindsey Wolf and her boyfriend Mike Conley love living an active lifestyle.

“I’m a physical therapist, and on the side, I train for Ironman triathlons, marathons, all sorts of running races,” says Lindsey.

“We have similar interests,” says Mike. “All our friends are really into athletics – running, swimming biking.”

Whenever possible, they try to include the third member of their family, their dog Beckham!

“He loves everyone,” says Lindsey. “Likes most dogs, loves all humans.”

Earlier this year, the Somerville couple decided to head down to Cape Cod for a weekend, since Lindsey was coaching in a girl’s soccer tournament there. Naturally, they wanted to bring along their furry friend. So they went online and booked a pet-friendly room for two nights at a local hotel. But they ran into a roadblock as soon as they arrived.

“I said, ‘It’s pet-friendly right?’” says Mike. “They said, ‘No, it’s not.’”

The hotel had them booked in a regular room, despite their reservation clearly showing they booked a pet-friendly room. Mike says the hotel’s receptionist apologized for the mixup, but there weren’t any pet-friendly rooms available.

“We were bummed that there wasn’t a room,” says Lindsey. “But we understood at the time and we knew we had to leave and find something else.”

The disappointed duo left with Beckham and found another place nearby that did accept dogs. They enjoyed the rest of the weekend, but ran into another headache soon after they got back home.

A few days later, Mike checked his bank statement and noticed a charge for $555 from the hotel where they didn’t stay. He says he called immediately and spoke to an employee.

“(They said) I’m gonna print all of this off and have my manager approve the reversal,” he says. They told him he should see the refund in a couple of days.

Mike waited, but instead of getting the money reimbursed, he got a phone call from the hotel’s manager disputing their claim.

“He was very belligerent,” Mike says. “Just from the start, (saying) ‘How dare you tell me I’m lying!’”

Shocked and still out more than $500, Mike and Lindsey knew they needed help. So they reached out to Solve It 7.

We spoke with a representative from the hotel’s corporate headquarters and they promised to look into it. A couple of hours later some good news: Mike and Lindsey would be getting a full refund.

“We’re really happy that Channel 7 was able to solve this for us,” says Lindsey. “We definitely thought we were going to be out a lot of money.”

“(Now) I have even more reason to make sure I’m always tuned to Channel 7,” Mike says.

As for Beckham, he seems pretty pleased with the way the whole thing turned out, too.

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