Solve It 7: Kitchen Cabinets

Sometimes you don’t really realize how much you need something until it’s gone.

Karina Valle has been asking that question for months after she and her family decided to try to and create their dream kitchen at their new home in Leominster.

“The kitchen is the most important place in the house,” said Valle. “It’s where we’re all together.”

Back in September 2017, Valle started shopping for new cabinets. She found what she wanted at a store in town and the price was right: $6,250.

“We took apart the whole kitchen,” she said. “We just have some walls, wires, and some tubes, that’s it. We just ripped out all the kitchen.”

With a gutted kitchen ready for rehab and a temporary set-up in their mud room. The family waited but after two months and no word on their cabinets, Karina went to the store to talk to the owner.

“He had no idea who I was or what I was there for,” she said.

Upset, Karina says she was eventually given a new delivery date, but the cabinets never came. She demanded a refund but the check bounced.

“I was really mad,” she said. “I was crying a lot….I realized I’m never going to get my cabinets.”

After five months with no kitchen, no cabinets and out more than $6,000, Karina knew she needed help and contacted Solve It 7.

We called the cabinet company and the representative told us a former employee stole a significant amount of money from the business, which led to the major delivery delay and bounced check. They agreed to refund the Valle’s the full amount. This time the check didn’t bounce.

Karina and her family used the refund to finally get the kitchen of their dreams. Wood, stainless steel and all new cabinets.

“Walking in here now, how does it feel,” asked Solve It 7’s Kris Anderson.

“Great, great,” said Karina. “Believe me…I almost forgot how to cook.”

“I am really, really so thankful,” said Valle. “Not just me, me and my family. We are really thankful.”

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