Solve It 7: Life insurance mix-up

Nicole Dip is a hard-working mother of three raising her children in her hometown of Bridgewater, Mass.

“I love Bridgewater,” Dip says. “I grew up here. The school system is great, I just love it.

With a big family to support, Nicole makes sure to keep a close eye on her finances. So when she was checking her bank statement this past December, there was a transaction that jumped out at her. She had no idea what it was.

Nicole noticed $139 had been deducted from her bank account by a life insurance company she had never even heard of. Alarmed at the charge, Nicole quickly went through her older bank statements and realized this had been going on for month. In total, she found about $850 taken out of her account

Nicole called the insurance company and says the person she spoke to told her the charges were for a policy she’d signed up for in Marlborough. That’s about an hour away from her home and Nicole says she never went there to purchase insurance.

“I did not sign up with them and they can’t give me any proof that I did,” she told us.

The company agreed to cancel the policy but she says they only paid her back about half of the $850 she was owed. She wanted the other $400 too.

“It’s $400, a little more than $400,” she says. “That’s a lot of money to a middle class working family.”

She kept trying to get her money back but the insurance company said the bank had it and the bank said the insurance company did.

“Why didn’t you let it go?” asks 7News’ Kris Anderson. “Why didn’t you give up?”

“Because I don’t give up on anything,” Nicole says.

That’s when she turned to Solve It 7.

“I wrote an email and never did I expect to hear back from you guys,” she says.

But she did.

We contacted the insurance company and the representative told us they only refunded half of Nicole’s money because that was all they received. They sent us a document that they said showed the bank still had the other half. We shared that information with the bank and after investigating further, they fully reimbursed Nicole fo this money mix-up.

“Kris, you’re awesome!” says Nicole. “Thank you so much for helping. Solve It 7, amazing!”

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