Solve it 7: Pole Problem

Tina Roderick and her family’s ties to Cape Cod go back generations. In fact, her Aunt Mabel has lived in her Hyannis home for more than 50 years. These days, Mabel is slow to get around. So, when Tina noticed a teetering utility pole hanging over the house, she was concerned.

“She’s 97 years old, so I was very concerned,” Roderick said. “That’s not how I want to lose her after all these years.”

Live wires were moving back and forth, dangling in the air right over her aunt’s home.

“What was bracing it is it was teeter-tottering in between the two trees,” Roderick said. “So when it went backward, it would lean up against one tree. When it came forward, it would lean up against the other tree.”

Roderick’s cousin told her he had tried for six years to get the pole taken care of. He got nowhere. Roderick tried calling two different utility companies; each said it was the other’s responsibility.

“We kind of did some riding around trying to get in touch with both of them and to no avail,” she said. “No one was helping us.”

With a nor’easter and high winds on the way, Roderick knew she needed to do something.

“I was like, somebody’s got to help, somebody has to know something,” Roderick said. “So I figured, I know where to go.”

She went to Solve it 7.

“If we’re calling companies and no one is taking ownership, let me call somebody that may have a little more pull than I do,” Roderick said.

We reached out to both companies. A day later, someone from one of the company’s involved showed up to look into things.

“I guess after you spoke to someone, they mysteriously showed up,” Roderick said.

What took Roderick and her family six years was resolved in three days.

The pole was fixed, and her sense of security for her beloved aunt was restored.

“It’s nice to see there’s something resolved,” Roderick said. “It’s nice to see I was able to help my family.”

And she and her family say they owe it all to Solve it 7.

“You guys are definitely the saviors because I don’t think it would’ve gotten done,” Roderick said.

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