Solve It 7: Star Wars Wedding

BROCKTON, MASS. (WHDH) - Like millions of people around the world, David Matloff and his wife, Carmen, are Star Wars fanatics. So after the Brockton couple got engaged last year, Carmen had an idea.

“You know what? We’re going to have a Star Wars wedding,” she recalls.

Using “the force” to plan her wedding wasn’t an option, so Carmen opted for the internet instead. It led her to a website called Thumbtack.

“It’s like an Angie’s List but for party planners & photographers,” says Carmen. She posted a request for a photographer and within minutes she had several offers. The Matloffs selected one, and they agreed on a deal with the photographer that included engagement pictures, 400 wedding pictures and a wedding video for $600.

Everything was going as planned leading up to the couple’s big day.

“I remember walking down the aisle and her taking pictures,” Carmen says. “Seemed like a normal thing. Everything seemed to go smoothly.”

After tying the knot with her Jedi Knight, Carmen emailed the photographer to find out when the pictures and video would be ready.

“She said ‘I have new software and I have to get it downloaded and stuff…’ and I understood,” Carmen explains. She then waited a few weeks before reaching out again. “I was texting every day at that point. I said let me send her an email – no response at all. Nothing.”

Unable to reach the photographer, Carmen decided to contact Thumbtack. The company assigned her a case number, but she says Thumbtack ran into the same problem she did – their attempts to contact the photographer went unanswered as well.

So with no pictures, no video, and out $600, the Matloff’s were running out of options.

“These memories have been taken from us, and all we want is to get them back,” Carmen insists. “For me, it’s devastating.”

Carmen decided to call Solve It 7. We reached out to both Thumbtack and the photographer. Thumbtack withdrew the $600 from the photographer’s account for not following the website’s rules. When we talked to the photographer, she was eager to help us develop a solution. She agreed to give us a hard drive with all of the edited wedding photos, along with the Matloff’s wedding video, which we then delivered to the happy couple.

“I’m so excited, I feel like crying!” bubbles Carmen.

Thumbtack stepped up big time, first giving the photographer back her $600 for completing the deal, and then refunding the Matloff’s the money they paid, plus $400 for their troubles – $1,000 in all.

“You guys have done a great job, a wonderful job. I can’t ask for anything more,” says Carmen.

David smiles and tells us, “If the dark side is too strong for you, call Solve It 7 because the force is much stronger with them.”

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