Arthur Hicks made a big life change about twenty years ago.

He traded in a tech job to become a firefighter and he moved from the Boston area to western Massachusetts believing he could live better and cheaper!

He said, “yeah, there’s a lot fewer people out here.”

So, he was surprised to open a bill a few years ago saying he owed a toll for crossing the Tobin Bridge.

“Well, out here we’re nowhere near the Tobin Bridge,” Arthur said.

He noticed the car registration on the bill didn’t match his vehicle.

Arthur said, “I’m trying to figure it out.”

He called the company the state uses to bill for all electronic tolls.

“I called up and they said now you kind of have to prove that it’s not you, and the plate doesn’t match any of my plates,” Arthur said.

Arthur’s license plate starts with the letters F-F signifying that he’s a firefighter.

Not only that, ” it doesn’t match the description of my vehicle, ” he said.

After repeated visits to the registry and several calls with the billing company, Arthur thought his problem was solved.

But, he was wrong, “one year, almost to the day, I get another bill, ” he said.

Another bill and a new charge for going over the Tobin Bridge.

He got a third bill the year after that.

“The same thing, same vehicle, same plate, so I had to find some help,” he said.

Arthur called Solve It 7.

We reached out to the Department Of Transportation and they discovered the license plate on the bills matched an old license plate that used to belong to Arthur.

Arthur said, “it got turned in decades ago.”

The RMV still had Arthur’s name attached to that plate so Arthur was getting stuck with the bills.

“You found out what the issue was, I couldn’t bring it out of anybody,” he said.

Now Arthur is happy to have this plate problem in his rearview mirror!

“I’m grateful, very grateful, and hopefully I don’t get another one, ” he said.

And we hope so too!

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