Count me as one of the surprised when I saw the sun break through the clouds this morning. This on a day where I was calling for gray skies and rain by noon.

Yep, it’s spring. Where the forecast can change before the ink dries. As far as today, I was sorta right. Rain did eventually come.

Boy, did it come.

Swift moving downpours ran across the Commonwealth from 1pm well into the evening. Water came up quickly, but since the rain wasn’t around for very long, we could hold off the flooding. As the cooler air drops in tonight, the threat for downpours diminishes after midnight.

Then we enjoy a Friday forecast much like what we’ve come to expect for the month of March. Bleak, chilly, and damp. Highs only make it to the mid 40s, and although the rain will dart in and out, it will stay damp(ish) through the evening.

So back to the spring thing. This time of year, my forecasts are admittedly shaky, (just like the pizza joint from long ago…wait, that had an ‘e’ in it.) and the 7 day forecast can turn around on a dime. Transition seasons are fraught with high variability thanks to the yin and yang of fast-moving cold and warmth. Solar gain is a huge wildcard too. It can turn a long range snowstorm into a rainstorm in a heartbeat. So when you’re making plans in the coming weeks, keep that in mind. Especially in the next 7-10 days, confidence is running low.

That said, I still have some confidence in the weekend forecast. Few flakes on Saturday, but a stunningly bright Sunday. Both days are cool…as in temperature.


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