State police, bomb squad raid home of Lexington man charged with hate crime

LEXINGTON, MA (WHDH) - On Thursday evening, state police and bomb squads raided the Lexington home of a man charged with committing hate crimes against his neighbors.

Robert Ivarson of Lexington was charged in court on Tuesday after what neighbors say was a year of racially-charged harassment. Ivarson allegedly threw 30-40 banana peels in his neighbors’ driveway and slashed their car tires. Police said they set up security cameras to catch the suspect and said they caught Ivarson in the act after viewing the footage.

The family lives directly across the street from Ivarson on Tarbell Avenue. Ivarson’s neighbors are a black family who have lived in Concord for four years and said they have never had any problems before.

Police and detectives could be seen removing boxes and at least 11 rifles from Ivarson’s home Thursday night. Police could be seen counting large amounts of cash as well.

Ivarson was charged with civil rights violations and criminal harassment. A judge set Ivarson’s bail at $10,000 and ordered him to remain under house arrest and have no contact with his neighbors.

But Ivarson, who lives at the home with his parents, was not at the home Thursday night. Police have not said where he may be located.

The neighbors also asked the judge for a restraining order because the daughter in the family is scared. A year-long restraining order was put into effect.

Ivarson’s attorney said his client was drinking at the time of the offenses and that he was never violent to his neighbors. He is due back in court in February.

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