Treasury candidate Deb Goldberg released a statement on Thursday regarding the passing of former Boston mayor Thomas Menino.

“Today our whole family has lost a dear close friend and the people of Boston have lost an extraordinary leader who never lost sight of the people in his city. From his days as a city councilor in the Readville neighborhood of Hyde Park where he represented so many Stop & Shop workers and their families, to his two decades of service as Mayor of Boston, our family saw in Tom Menino an uncompromising style of leadership filled with compassion, integrity, and generosity of spirit. Tom always believed that the most effective way to lead was to go out into the community and listen to people.

Tom connected to everyone from all walks of life because they saw and felt in him a clarity of focus. He devoted his life to helping everyone he was elected to represent, fighting for each of them every day, making life just a little bit easier for working families.

I will always view Tom as this giant of a leader, a mentor who taught me that no matter where you come from, you need to talk with, feel with, and connect with people in order to help them. He brought everyone together from every background and every field — corporate, civic, and academic — to make the city he loved more diverse, tolerant, and equitable. Tom’s legacy will undoubtedly endure for generations to come. I know for me, I will carry his advice and wisdom forever. We extend our deepest condolences to Angela and the entire Menino family. Our loving thoughts are with you.”

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