Staying the Course

Sneaky band of ocean-effect snow swarmed over the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard today. Not a huge accumulation (generally an inch from Sandwich to Falmouth), but it kept the sun out of the picture across most of SE Mass. And the cold…brrr…the cold was ever-present on a breezy north wind.

What’s ahead? Like we’ve seen for much of this winter, not a whole lot. Those snowshowers fade across SE Mass. tonight, then those same clouds fan out across Eastern Mass. They’ll hold for a good part of the day with a gentle wind to occasionally shake out a few flurries.

(Yawn.) Have I lost you yet?

Some melting expected from Thursday/Friday before a vigorous front shoots down arctic air to start the weekend. Funny thing is, the cold will give up quickly and a small batch of rain may move in just in time for the Pats game. That’s a big change from yesterday’s quiet/clear forecast!

(Zzzzz.) Hey, I’m blogging here!

Long range (heads lift, eyes partially open) the pattern looks much like it has been. (Heads drop, snoring resumes.) Storms are too feeble, cold too limited and the pattern unfavorable for any significant snow.

See you in February?

(Wait, wha? What did I miss?)