Fine start to the workweek – albeit a little windy. Which had me thinking…when was the last time we had a windy day (loosely defined as gusts frequently to 30mph)?

Have to look back to the 6th since we had gusts near/over 30mph. But let’s take it a step further: since early May, we’ve only had four other times (July 5th, June 18th, May 12th & 4th) of gusts 30mph or greater. And that’s at Logan Airport, a normally windy spot.

Full disclosure now: meteorologically speaking, the summer months are among the quietest (wind-wise) of any season. However, I’ve included two other months outside the summer (May and September). There is reason to believe that the current drought is behind the light winds over the past weeks and months. Seems that the only time we stir the air is when we get a thunderstorm or change out strong airmasses – which hasn’t happened a lot over the last few months.

Winds will ease and the air will chill tonight. Tomorrow’s recovery is decent, but a bit below normal.

Not a grunion of rain on my 7day forecast this week, but I’m wary of a “creepy” weather system to the south later in the week. Some weather models try to nudge it into New England, others don’t. I understand the conundrum, since it’s completely adrift and separated from the jet stream. What I’m not going to do is jump on the rain bandwagon until I see a better sign that its drifting in our direction.


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