HAVERHILL, MASS. (WHDH) - Seven students are facing charges after a large fight broke out in the Haverhill High School cafeteria on Wednesday that left a staff member injured, school officials said.

Superintendent Margaret Marotta said seven students are facing charges in connection with a brawl that was caught on a student’s cellphone. They can be seen throwing punches and climbing on top of one another as the staff tries to intervene.

“It seems like fights are breaking out all over the place,” one parent said. “We hear about them in all different schools now and they’re getting bigger and bigger.”

School resource officers, security and staff were on hand for the lunchtime brawl and quickly worked to pull the students apart. One staff member was hit during the fight and had to be taken care of by the school’s nurse.

One parent said her sons were not at school the day of the fight but heard all about it.

“They said it was a large number of kids involved, five to six police officers were sent over to the school so it was a very scary situation,” she said.

In a statement sent to 7NEWS, Marotta said in part:

“… similar to schools across the state and nation, HHS continues to support and, when needed, discipline our students who are having a good deal of difficultly readjusting after 18 months of covid restrictions and limited in-person schooling… we will respond to our students with swift and fair discipline, as well as support and compassion.”

There has been no word on that staff member’s condition. Many parents feel something must be done.

“Teachers are getting hurt principals are getting hurt definitely something needs to be done,” the parent said. “I’m not sure what the answer is but whatever it is something someone needs to do something.”

The incident remains under investigation.

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