Teachers on strike rescue family from fire

Ambridge, PA (WHDH) — Teachers in Pennsylvania were on strike when they noticed the house across the street on fire.
“We were picketing and a lady across the street started shouting call 911,” said Striking Ambridge teacher Karen DeMarco. “Instantaneously, I dropped my sign and ran across the street “
The Ambridge teachers put themselves in danger to get inside this burning house.
The teachers found three people.  One elderly, one with medical oxygen, and a woman whom they once taught.
“Kayla’s a former student of mine,” said Demarco, “and I just felt I had to do something to get that family out.”
They managed to get all three of them out of the building and once out they saw the fire get worse.
“If the teachers wouldn’t have been here,” said Fire Chief Rob Gottschalk, “somebody wouldn’t have observed that, there’s a chance somebody could have been very seriously injured or even worse.”

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