Teen with cancer gets homecoming dance brought to his hospital room

(WHDH) – An Ohio teen with cancer couldn’t make it to his school’s homecoming dance, so his best friend brought the dance to him in the hospital.

Blake Mounts, 17, is battling leukemia, and was unable to attend the dance because of his treatment.

His little sister came up with the idea of bringing the dance to him, so his best friend, Kaitlyn O’Connor, showed up to his bedside with a sign, asking Mounts to be her date.

She even brought him an outfit and festive decorations, and their group of friends held their homecoming right in his hospital room.

The sweet gesture quickly went viral, racking up over 380,000 likes.

O’Connor also created a GoFundMe page to help cover the family’s costs for cancer treatment, raising more than $11,000 so far.