Thieves go through more than 100 N.H. mailboxes

CONCORD, N.H. (WHDH) — Packages, cash and checks, that’s what police say thieves are looking for on the more than 100 mailboxes they’ve gone through.

The thieves have hit several Concord N.H. neighborhoods, all with the same result.

“Magazine was left in the mailbox, the Christmas cards were ripped open and left on the ground, they were probably looking for cash or checks,” Charles Mcintyre said.

Holly Crawford said she noticed the mail strewn about and started to pick it up.

“I was on a run this morning and started picking up mail that I found on the ground and police said ‘just put it in our cruiser, we're collecting it all,’” Crawford said.

More than one entire mailbox was stolen during the crime spree.

“One of my neighbors said my mail had been dropped 2 blocks over in the woods, it had been opened and shredded,” Mcintyre said.

Some neighbors said they still don't know if they're victims, they just assumed they didn't get mail on Monday.

Lisa Delampan knew something was wrong this morning because she spent Monday evening putting Christmas cards in all her neighbors' mailboxes.

“We went out and could see all the mailboxes were open, starting asking the neighbors if they got my cards and they didn't get my cards,” she said.

The thieves might've made off with a lot of money, or not much at all, no one knows, either way, once they're caught, they'll face federal charges.

“To take the chance of doing serious time for something as stupid as that doesn’t make sense to me,” Rick Jenness said.

Concord Police are asking for the public’s help, anyone with information can call (603) 225-8600.