Thieves try stealing ATM from Texas courthouse for third time

PASADENA, TX (WHDH) — Police in Pasadena, Texas are looking to identify the thieves who have tried stealing an ATM from a local courthouse three times in recent days.

Surveillance footage from the courthouse shows the thieves trying to steal the ATM, which is bolted to the ground. Video footage shows the suspects driving through the windows of the building with a truck, tying a strap around the ATM and trying to pull it away with the vehicle. When the strap broke, they fled the area.

The truck used in the attempted robbery came up as stolen according to police.

Days later, the thieves came back with a different pickup truck and drove through the same windows, which were boarded up. The AT had been moved to the middle of the lobby, due to the damage caused during the first robbery.

“As they were getting ready to put it in the vehicle they realized the door was open on it and there was no money in the machine, it had been emptied out,” a police official said.

Police said they believe the pickup truck used in the second attempted robbery was also stolen.

The suspects then attempted a third robbery with a different stolen pickup truck.

None of the suspects have been identified.

Officials in the area said these three attempted robberies and break-ins come after a series of successful ATM robberies at courthouses in Houston, Texas. It’s unclear if the robberies are related.

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