Times Like These

Brrr….cloudy start this morning made it feel like mid winter out there! It’s times like these you learn to love the heat and humidity again. It’s times like these you wanna get away…but it’s also times like these that you learn to be patient.

We’re in lockdown with the cold. See that picture above? That purple area is aptly colored. It’s the source region for our cold air. Stewing over frozen Hudson Bay, the air is warmed very little as it’s shoved into the lower 48. It’s simple really: as long as that purple area remains positioned there, we’ll be prone to these cold outbreaks. Bust it up, and we’ll get a head start on spring. 

Nowhere does it show spring is around the corner (ahem, groundhog). Frigid air tonight will mean the suburbs fall to the single digits and Boston tries to hold on to temperatures around 10. The recovery tomorrow is less than spectacular, but there’s a little adventure in the forecast as snow squalls pop up in the afternoon.

They’ll be at random, but the potential is for a coating of snow and poor visibility if you get hit. See the “squally” details in the picture above.

Long range, I’m seeing some moderation in the temperatures over the weekend, but it’s really a ruse. Snow arrives Sunday night and could last until Monday afternoon. The track of this storm is critical for amounts (like it always is), but at this point we could be either side of 6″ in this event. Don’t hold me to that number, I just wanted to put out some figure to give you an idea that it doesn’t look like a blockbuster or a dusting.

Stay warm.