A father and son were sitting in the Salisbury Police Department when the dad dozed off and the toddler pulled out a bag of drugs.

Surveillance video shows the toddler rummaging through a few bags on the table, then grabbing a white baggy and starting to examine it.

“The dispatcher came in and said there’s something going on, you should take a look,” Salisbury Police Detective Steve Sforza said.

They did take a look, and what they found was 57 grams of cocaine.

“It was almost 60 grams, 60 grams which is a substantial amount to have on you,” Sforza said.

The man was in the station because he crashed his car and officers brought him to the department so he could wait until someone could pick him up.

“He admitted to it, he was selling cocaine to pay child support,” Sforza said.

Bounleua Phoubaykham, 35, was arrested and then taken to court to face charges of drug trafficking and child endangerment.

“They saved a little boy. It could have been bad if the boy had ingested the drugs obviously,” Sforza said.

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