DORCHESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - A quiet Sunday afternoon was interrupted by a crushing surprise for neighbors on Willis Street in Dorchester.

Tree branches, wires and a light pole came crashing down on their parked cars. Utility crews tackled the wires first so they could safely get the pole of an SUV and begin cleaning up the large branches off the other cars.

“I heard a big bang and I came down and I saw the wire just hanging branch right here was hanging,” said resident Mark Anthony Johnson.

Johnson went inside to grab his car keys to move the car but by the time he made it back he said, “the tree just snapped and then the whole tree just fell on top of my car.”

Neighbors said it rained earlier in the day but nothing signaled this type of damage.

“It was normal like it was starting it like getting nice weather so I didn’t hear like, the wind was not strong enough,” said Johnson. “It was not strong at all.”

Branches also landed on his neighbor’s car.

“We were just watching a movie we thought our roommate was coming home,” said Chad Neile whose own car was damaged by a large branch. “So the windshield has to be replaced the front left side looks like it has some frame damage on the outside but it looks like it all have to be replaced.”

No injuries were reported but at least three cars were damaged.

The cause of the sudden fall is under investigation.

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