BOSTON (WHDH) - It was an unforgettable night at Fenway for a young Red Sox fan who walked away from Wednesday night’s game with a smile, some souvenirs and a bruise on his head.

Colton Fournier and Miguel Sano’s friendship started off bumpy when Twins first baseman whacked a home run in battling practice that hit Colton in the head.

“I was going out for a home run ball and Miguel Sano hit it to right-center, and I was going for it and this kid put his glove up, so I got blinded,” said Colton Fournier. “I tried to get out of the way but it hit me in the right side of the head.”

The 10-year-old from Southbury, Connecticut said he was a little shaken up by the ordeal.

“I was a little scared at that time, and there was no blood. I was shocked about that,” he said.

Colton’s dad Chris Fournier took him to get checked out and they were back in their seats in no time. But, Sano felt horrible and wanted to make it up to the young fan.

“Every single hour something new would pop up,” Colton’s dad said. “We’re on the jumbotron. He’s getting pulled over by Miguel. The bat, the jersey. One thing after another.”

Best of all, Sano crushed a 495 foot home run and set his sights right on Colton.

“When he was done hitting the home run, he stomped on home plate and went like this and pointed at me,” said the boy.

Sano did not stop there. He arranged to meet Colton and his family on the field at Fenway Thursday evening to hang out.

Colton’s dad says the past 24 hours have been surreal and Sano has been classy the whole way.

Colton, who plays shortstop for his travel team, now has an incredible story to share when he gets home.

“I was just happy a bad thing turned into a great thing,” Chris Fournier said.

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