Two arrested after domestic call in Manchester, NH

MANCHESTER, N.H. (WHDH) - Police in Manchester arrested two people after a domestic disturbance call early Monday morning.

Police say they responded to 70 Dover Street just after 3 a.m. following a neighbor’s complaint. The neighbor says he confronted the couple and asked them to quiet down, but the female suspect swore at him and threw eggs at his car.

Officers responding to the scene found a suspect, Samuel Caraballo, 19 of Manchester, who became confrontational before backing away. Kristina Roberts, 18 of Manchester, blocked the door while arguing with officers.

Police then noticed Caraballo walk toward and reach for a long gun. An officer pushed past Roberts, who grabbed his jacket and tried to prevent him from entering. Carabello then fought the officer, who attempted to remove the gun from the suspect.


Caraballo then reportedly kicked the officer in the chest but was then tasered by another officer. The shotgun, which was seized from the apartment, was not loaded.

Manchester Police responded to 70 Dover Street at approximately 3:05 a.m. this morning after a neighbor complained about the second floor tenants. He felt they were engaged in an altercation so he confronted them and asked them to quiet down. Instead, a female yelled obscenities at him and allegedly threw several eggs at his vehicle.

During the arrest, Roberts threatened to defecate on one of the officers and was charged with simple assault and resisting arrest. She was arraigned on Monday.

Caraballo was charged with criminal threatening, resisting arrest, and simple assault.



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