U.S. Coast Guard preparing for the worst in Woods Hole

WOODS HOLE, Mass. (WHDH) — Cape Cod is bracing for a heavy impact from Hurricane Jose and the U.S. Coast Guard in Woods Hole is warning people who live along the coast.

“Regardless of the strength of the storm, we’re preparing for the worst,” said Coast Guard Cpt. Richard Schultz.

Schultz expects Hurricane Jose to bring strong winds, 10 to 15-foot waves and a dangerous storm surge to Cape Cod. The larger vessels have been moved out of harm’s way but the Coast Guard’s smaller boats are ready to respond to any emergencies.

All mariners have been asked to stay off the water. Schultz said anyone with a kayak or canoe should bring it to land.

“What we don’t want to happen is for those smaller crafts to become adrift and we have to tie up search and rescue resources, searching for someone who many not be out there,” said Schultz.

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