Shooting on OK city bus caught on camera

The moments before a deadly confrontation were caught on security camera video.

The ordeal began with suspect Miguel Chavez running on the bus and urging the driver to get going.

He told the driver not to stop the bus and offered him his credit cards.

Next, Chavez jumped on a luggage rack and grabbed the fire extinguisher.

The driver ordered Chavez off the bus, but he wouldn’t leave.

The driver then stopped the bus to allow other passengers to get off safely.

The driver called police, who were already looking for Chavez, according to the police chief.

You can see in the video that a female officer is beside the bus waiting for Chavez to get off.

Once Chavez sees the officer, he reached for the fire extinguisher and attempted to throw it at the officer.

The extinguisher slipped out of his hands, which lead to a struggle for the female officer’s gun.

One shot was fired in the struggle before a second officer was able to fire several shots at Chavez, killing him.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave as the incident remains under investigation.