Voltage drop near MBTA station results in system-wide power problems

BOSTON (WHDH) - Parts of the City of Boston were left in the dark Wednesday morning after a drop in voltage near the Andrew Square MBTA station, Eversource officials said.

A woman walking on Dorchester Avenue says she heard a loud noise just after 9 a.m. that sounded like an explosion. She saw electricity arcing above equipment at a nearby substation and snapped a photo of the shocking sight.

The explosion reverberated across Boston. Maddie Eagan was at the Davis Square Station, on her way to work, when the escalator she was on just stopped.

“I was able to hold on,” Eagan said. “The woman in front of me fell backwards and landed pretty hard.”

The MBTA called the incident a “power surge” and said it had impacted countdown clocks, station lights, and elevators and escalators, many of which came to a stop at several T stations.

The issues were temporary. The MBTA says power came back within about 10 minutes and that no repair work will be needed.

Eversource says there was an issue with a piece of high voltage equipment at that substation, which led to a brief voltage reduction. The company says it’s still looking into how it happened, but that the cause may have been due to snow and ice buildup.

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