Warm Days Are Numbered

Out of season (with normal highs in the low 60s) but beautiful nonetheless.

I’d fill my blog with all of the beautiful shots on my feed if I could, but then I wouldn’t have room for these words of wisdom:

Enjoy it while it lasts. The cold air is pooling, and it will chill us by the weekend.

You probably knew that was a part of the forecast, right? After all, this is October and any warm days like today are a gift. But the cold I see coming is unusually chilly. With the possibility of highs in Northern New England staying in the upper 30s. Like last week, confidence in the cooldown is running high thanks to a consistent and timeable jet stream. 

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The warm weather will slowly waft away this week. Stepping back by midweek, then dropping from sight this weekend. As far as showers are concerned, we again come up short in the forecast: just a few tomorrow and another scattered batch on Friday. It’s important to note that we could be transitioning into a "different" kind of drought as we go into winter. One that leaves ample soil moisture, but lacks in groundwater recharge. 

Something to watch in the months ahead.