‘We feel very good’: Klobuchar arrives in NH with bump in poll

Sen. Amy Klobuchar said she’s feeling “very good” about being in New Hampshire for the next stretch of the presidential campaign — and said a new poll released by 7News and Emerson College is a big reason why.

When Klobuchar stepped off the plane from Iowa, she did two things: Greet her supporters and retweet the exclusive 7News/Emerson College poll that shows a four percent surge for her campaign in the race, the biggest bump in the last 24 hours.

The poll bump comes after the Iowa Caucuses, where so far the votes are still not fully tallied.

“When I landed … the first thing I saw here in New Hampshire was your poll,” Klobuchar told 7News. “I think people are just getting to know me.”

At her first event in the Granite State, kicking off a week leading up to the primary, Klobuchar told a packed gymnasium in Concord that she’s feeling confident.

“I can tell you we feel very good about where we are,” Klobuchar said. “We won so many percents and delegates people didn’t give us the chance to win.”

She described her stances on healthcare, climate change, infrastructure and education, but what she particularly stressed was the importance of defeating President Donald Trump.

“You need to talk to people, bring them with us,” Klobuchar said. “Yes have a focus on this all-important first primary in the nation, but always think the next step of bringing people with us in the general election.”

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