Weld planning election eve rally in Boston’s Faneuil Hall

BOSTON (AP) — Libertarian Vice Presidential Candidate William Weld is planning an election eve rally in Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall.

Monday’s event is slated to begin at 7 p.m.

The former Republican Massachusetts governor has stumped with Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson, but in recent weeks has also turned his attention to defeating Donald Trump.

Weld last month offered a blistering critique of the Republican presidential nominee, saying that Trump has shown an inability to handle criticism and has conjured up enemies and stirred up envy, resentment and group hatred, demonstrating “the worst of American politics.”

Weld said that the possibility of Trump winning the White House makes him fear for the well-being of the country.

Weld has also appeared to acknowledge the increasingly long-shot Election Day chances of the Libertarian ticket.

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