Wildfires continue to burn in Florida causing mandatory evacuations

Thousands of buildings remain under mandatory evacuation in Florida as a wildfire continues to burn.

“When you have to leave your home,” said Anthony Alston, “with all your kids and your stuff it’s a lot.”

Anthony Alston was on his roof, with his mother inside, when flames spread dangerously close to his home.

The wildfire sparked Thursday and quickly grew, scorching more than 5,000 acres.

“Everything was on fire,” said Alston. “I had to find my way to firefighters to get into my house. Everything was just…it was devastating.”

Nearly everything in Alston’s backyard was reduced to rubble.

Crews are working around the clock and for the first time, Mother Nature is allowing firefighters to gain ground.

But Governor Rick Scott said while the rain showers have helped, they are not out of the woods just yet.

“It was great we got the rain,” said Scott. “It’s great the humidity is up, but it didn’t stop the fire.”




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