Winchester teen defends ‘hate has no home here’ signs in letter to newspaper

WINCHESTER, MASS. (WHDH) - A Winchester teenager has gotten national attention after he wrote a strongly-worded letter to his local newspaper in defense of “hate has no home here” signs.

The signs are red and blue and show an American flag inside a heart, along with the “hate has no home here” message. Luke Macannuco, 13, said he saw a letter to the editor in the “Winchester Star” criticizing the signs, calling them divisive.

“It is offensive to imply that the rest of us who don’t have a sign and who don’t think the way you think we should – are haters. That’s insulting,” the letter, from John Natale, read.

Luke said he was angry and confused about the letter, wondering why someone would be upset over “an innocent and inclusive movement.” While on his spring break, Luke responded to the letter and sent it to the Winchester Star, who published it.

“We just put a lawn sign down. Calm down, dude!” Luke wrote in his response to Natale.

Luke’s letter quickly went viral, with celebrities like Debra Messing, Chelsea Clinton and Andy Richter sharing it on social media.

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