Police quickly swarmed a Dorchester neighborhood Wednesday searching for a second person of interest after two police officers were shot.

Police said two plainclothes officers from the drug control unit were shot following a confrontation with a suspect. The officers were transported to local hospitals with non-life threatening injuries. The suspect was shot and killed.

The second person fled the scene.

Witnesses said they were enjoying their afternoon on the porch when they heard gunshots and saw a suspect running through backyards. They said it was a frantic scene as police descended on the neighborhood.

“You heard them yelling, ‘Get down, get down’ and the police conducted their — you know, held them down to the ground and it was professional,” said one person.

“We heard ‘Get down’ we heard all of those things. And police came into our yard and wanted to look in the bushes,” said one man.

Homeowners are reminded to be vigilant as police search for the second person. He is to be considered armed and potentially very dangerous.

One person was taken into custody in the area on Wednesday, but Boston police said it doesn’t seem to be related to the shooting.

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