Woman charged on hospital bill after giving birth in parking lot

(NBC) — A Florida woman who gave birth in her car in a hospital parking lot is being billed a delivery room fee — even though she never made it into a delivery room.

Paula D’Amore and her husband didn’t plan on giving birth in the parking lot. It just happened that way, with her baby crowning as the couple drove up.

D’Amore’s husband caught the baby’s head and nurses ran out to help with the rest of the delivery, which took place in the fire lane outside Boca Raton Regional Hospital.

Seven months later, the family says it has received a bill from the hospital for more than $7,000 – the full delivery room fee.

D’Amore said she planned for the birthing costs, but thought that since she never made it to the delivery room, that the hospital would adjust the bill.

“Yes, charge me, but not $7,000,” she said.

A hospital spokesperson said the hospital administration had no comment.