Woman files lawsuit against company that makes Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks over alleged use of fake cheese, sauce

(WHDH) — A woman has reportedly filed a lawsuit against the company that makes Bagel Bites Pizza Snacks for allegedly using fake mozzarella cheese and tomato sauce.

Kaitlyn Huber, of Wisconsin, filed the lawsuit in federal court against Kraft Heinz Foods Company, alleging that the Bagel Bites packaging deceives customers into believing that the snack is made with “real” cheese and sauce, WMTV News reported.

Huber alleges that the “REAL CHEESE” label on the packaging is a fraud and that “reasonable Wisconsin consumers” would expect a product with tomato sauce to only contain tomato ingredients and seasonings, not thickeners, according to the news outlet.

The lawsuit was filed as a class-action suit on behalf of anyone who bought Bagel Bites in Wisconsin.

Huber is seeking an unspecified amount of monetary damages.

The news outlet said that it has since reached out to Kraft Heinz Foods Company for comment.

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