Woman looses home after possible tornado in Georgia

Talbot County, GA (WHDH) — Devastation in Georgia where resident Dawn Wilson described the moment a tornado likely tore through her neighborhood.

“As I was getting ready to come out the door a big dark cloud came, wind started blowing,” said Wilson, “so I just got in the hallway and sat there and prayed and asked God to cover me and keep me safe”

As trees began to topple and insulation was ripped from her home Thursday night, people like Wilson just held on.

Minutes later, she was trapped inside, struggling to find a way out.

“Trapped I tried to go out the front door, I couldn’t get out the front door so I just jumped out the back door,” said Wilson.  “I was like Lord I just thank him for keeping me safe. If it hadn’t been for God I wouldn’t have been here, it was really that bad. I’ve never been through anything like that. It’s kind of scary to know something trying to suck you away.”

The house is likely a total loss but Wilson is just grateful to be safe.


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