Woman requests $900 to fix car after hitting man’s dog

(NBC) — A woman in Kentucky who struck and killed a man’s dog now claims the man owes her more than $900.

The incident happened in October of 2015, when Ken Herrington’s dog, Dakota, ran into the street while chasing a deer.

The 4-year-old, 100-pound German Shepherd was hit by the driver, Maggie Cassaro.

Nine weeks after the accident, Cassaro sent a letter to Herrington, asking for $901.60 — to repair her car.

“I was absolutely astonished,” Herrington said. “I was stunned that a lady that would kill my dog, that she may not have known that she killed, would ask me for money for damages to a vehicle.”

Herrington has refused to pay, so the two will appear in court to settle their dispute.

“It’s very easy to frame me as the bad person here because I am asking for damages,” Cassaro said. “He is at fault, he broke three laws that day. If we don’t uphold the laws, then we are going to lose respect in the community.”

Herrington, a 30-year Marine vet, says his dog’s death has been especially hard because he was a therapy dog that he considered to be like a child to him.