Woman who rescued ‘Baby May’ in Worcester in 2000 hopes for reunion

WORCESTER (WHDH) - The woman who saved a newborn baby found in Worcester almost 20 years ago is looking to reunite with the now-teenager.

Pamela Morris found the baby girl alongside the back tire of her car in a Worcester parking lot on May 1, 2000. The baby girl, who became known as “Baby May,” was stuffed in a plastic bag.

Baby May became the inspiration for Massachusetts’ Safe Haven Law, which was introduced the same year she was found and went into effect in 2004. The law allows parents to drop off newborns at hospitals, police stations or fire stations with no questions asked and no prosecution.

Morris said Baby May was adopted and she received a Christmas card and photo from the family the year she discovered her. That was the last she heard of Baby May and would now like to meet her again.

“It would be a void in my life to fill. Cause I always wondered about her,” said Morris. “If she was wondering about what happened to her, if she knows that she’s adopted, that I saved her life.”

Baby May would now be almost 17 years old. Morris said she hopes the girl and her family would like to meet her again.

Anyone with information on what happened to Baby May can be contacted at babysafehaven@gmail.com or by calling 508-251-2895. Officials with Massachusetts Baby Safe Haven said they hope this will promote the Safe Haven Law and that Baby May and her family can remain anonymous if they want to.

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