Worcester digging out, preparing for more snow

Worcester residents spent Monday digging out from the previous night’s snowfall, but more flakes are expected into Tuesday morning.

Snow was falling at 2 inches an hour last night, and 4 to 6 more inches are predicted for Tuesday.

Residents dug out Monday, but weren’t happy about it.

“I hate shoveling it, especially with a long driveway,” said Michelle Roberge.

The city’s parking ban is in effect and 400 cars have already been towed.

A parking ban has been issued in preparation for the second storm of a one-two punch that is projected to bring another six inches.

Looking ahead, many say they are concerned about driving on slick, icy roads.

“They have got to plow the side streets a little better,” one man said. “Only one car can get by.”

Former plow driver George Suprenand said he is glad he chose this year to retire.

State officials said they are doing their best to keep public transportation running and are urging people to stay off the roads at all costs.

Those living in some of the hard-hit areas say they agree.

“People should stay home,” one shoveler said. “Let the city do their stuff.”


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