Young boy saves grandfather suffering from medical condition

DARTMOUTH, MA (WHDH) - A young boy from Dartmouth is being hailed a hero after making a life saving decision when his grandfather suffered a medical condition.

Sunday was supposed to be a day of fun with grandpa at the mall. But 7-year-old Jace Pina knew something was wrong when his grandfather started acting strange.

“When we were leaving he didn’t know what to do with his $3.00,” said Jace, “so I said ‘put it in your pocket’ and he kept asking me why.”

Jace and his diabetic grandfather made it out to the car, where his granddad lost consciousness in the passenger seat.

“He continued to become more and more disengaged,” said Jace’s father, Dwayne Pina, “and that’s when Jace figured something was going wrong.”

Jace remained calm and sprung into action. He ran inside the mall and flagged down a security guard who called 911.

Jace’s dad says that his son saved his father’s life.

If Jace wasn’t there and he was just a guy in the passenger seat sleeping,” said Dwayne, “who knows what happens from there.”

He is now being hailed as hero of the day by the Dartmouth Police. And Jace says he feels like a hero too.

“I’m proud of myself,” said Jace.

Jace’s grandfather has been released from the hospital and is doing better.

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