Recap: men’s 80kg, women’s 67kg quarterfinal and semifinal


Nur Tatar (Turkey) vs. Haby Niare (France)

With no strikes landing during the first three rounds, Niare scored a spinning kick to the head late in the sudden death period to secure her trip to the gold medal match. 

Niare def. Tatar 4-0.

Lutalo Muhammad (Great Britain) vs. Milad Beigi Harchegani (Azerbaijan)

Neither competitor was able to score in the first round, and in the second round Lutalo Muhammad grabbed a 5-1 lead , helped by a nice head kick. 

Harchegani mounted a comeback in the final round to bring the score to 5-4, but Muhammad landed two straight head kicks to put it away.

Muhammad def. Harchegani 12-7. 

Farida Azizova (Azerbaijan) vs. Oh Hye-Ri (South Korea)

Azizova kicks off the scoring in the first round with a one point body shot. 

Late in the second round, Hye-Ri struck back with a body kick, then knocked over Azizova to take the lead. 

To start the final round, Hye-Ri landed a head kick and a body kick to jump to a big lead. Azizova cut the lead to just one but came up short.

Hye-Ri def. Azizova 6-5. 

Oussama Oueslati (Tunisia) vs. Cheick Sallah Cisse (Ivory Coast)

Both fighters started off the first round fast, with Oueslati taking a 4-2 lead into the break. 

Cisse didn’t stop coming forward and bringing the fight to Oueslati in the second, scoring multiple body kicks to take the lead at 6-5. 

The final round was thrilling, as Oueslati equalized late, but Cisse scored right back with nine seconds remaining to get back up by one. 

Cisse def. Oueslati 7-6. 


Nur Tatar (Turkey) vs. Rabia Gulec (Germany)

With under a minute left in the first round, Tatar scored a point on a swift body kick. The round would end 1-0. 

After a scoreless second round, Tatar scored a crucial head kick with little time remaining to extend the lead to 4-0.

Tatar def. Gulec 5-1.

Steven Lopez (United States) vs. Lutalo Muhammad (Great Britain)

Steven Lopez got the first point of the round when Muhammad fell, but Muhammad landed a head kick late in the round to take the lead. 

The second round had no strikes register, but in the third round, Muhammad landed a body kick and a head kick and ran away with the match.

Muhammad def. Lopez 9-2.

Ruth Gbabgi (Ivory Coast) vs. Haby Niare (France)

The scoring opened in the first seconds of the second round, with Niare scoring a three point head kick. Niare would end the round up by two. 

The final round was a battle, as Gbagbi pressed on and almost tied it up by forcing Niare to the ground in the closing moments, but the fall came after the horn. 

Niare def. Gbagbi 5-4.

Milad Beigi Harchegani (Azerbaijan) vs. Mehdi Khodabakhshi

Harchegani scored a head kick mid way through the first round, which was the only scoring attack of the round.

Khodabakhshi came out firing in the second, scoring five quick points to take the lead, but Harchegani ended the round with a flurry to go up 10-5. 

Picking up where he left off, Harchegani scored two head kicks to increase his lead, then knocked over Khodabakhshi to go up 12 and win on point gap. 

Harchegani def. Khodabakhshi 17-5. 

Nigora Tursunkulova (Uzbekistan) vs. Farida Azizova (Azerbaijan)

Tursunkulova scored on a body kick for the only point of the first round. 

In the second round, Azizova scored a head kick and got Tursunkulova to fall down to finish the round earning four points. 

They both competed bravely in the final round, but Azizova added another body shot on her way to victory.

Azizova def. Tursunkulova 5-1. 

Liu Wei-Ting (Chinese Taipei) vs. Oussama Oueslati (Tunisia) 

All three rounds went scoreless. In the beginning of the sudden death round, Oueslati scored a body kick to move on.

Oueslati def. Wei-Ting 1-0.

Oh Hye-Ri (South Korea) vs. Chia Chia Chuang (Chinese Taipei)

Hye-Ri started off the scoring with a chop kick to the head for three points half way through the first round. Chuang would get a point back. 

They both simultaneously landed head kicks to make it 6-4 in the second, but Hye-Ri scored another to take a five point lead. 

Chuang scored a head kick to cut the lead to two early in the final round, making it a match. Hye-Ri scored a flurry of kicks soon after to win by point gap.

Hye-Ri def. Chuang 21-9. 

Tahir Gulec (Germany) vs. Cheick Sallah Cisse (Ivory Coast)

The first round went scoreless, but Cisse quickly got on the board with a head kick early in the second. 

After trading points at the start of the final round, Cisse closed it out with body kicks and good defense. 

Cisse def. Gulec 7-1.