Customer gives $500 tip to Connecticut waitress to fix hearing aid

BRANFORD, Conn. (WHDH) — A Connecticut restaurant has been inspired to pay it forward after a customer made a generous gesture to a waitress.

Keri Marie Carlson, a waitress at GW Carson’s Burger Bar in Branford, said she was walking a customer to his table when he noticed she had trouble hearing him. She told the man one of her hearing aids was broken. To help her fix it, the man gave her a $500 tip. Carlson said she was moved to tears.

“I didn’t say I needed the money or anything. He just came in the back and said, ‘I’m not gonna take no for an answer and I can’t let you go home like this,'” said Carlson.

Carlson said she tried to give the money back to him but he would not take it.

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my humble heart for giving me such a gift,” said Carlson.

The restaurant’s owner was touched by the kind gesture and is now donating proceeds from the restaurant’s t-shirt sales to the American Society for Deaf Children. Carlson said she hopes it inspires others to give back.

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