‘I was afraid we would get caught in the crossfire’: Witness to Providence shootout talks to 7News

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WHDH) — The driver who witnessed and filmed the shootout on I-95 Thursday spoke to 7News about what he saw and how scared he was.

“There were several shots, several shots from all around, the only thing I did was ask for mercy,” said Juan Carlos Ardaya.

Ardaya, whose car was just a few feet away from the police and the white pickup truck they had been chasing, said he heard the officers tell the people inside the truck to get out and they did not listen.

“The driver tried to take off and the police that were there had to dive out of the way because they could have been run over,” said Ardaya. After the driver tried to flee, Ardaya said the police opened fire.

“I kept hearing shots and I was afraid we would get caught in the crossfire,” said Ardaya. “The person who was with me opened the door and threw herself on the ground, the people in other cars also took cover.” Ardaya can be heard on the video praying as the officers shot at the pickup.

Ardaya said when the shootout was over, he called his daughter to tell her he loves her.

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