7News speaks with Tom Brady’s family in Minnesota

BROWERVILLE, Minn. (WHDH) — 7’s Adam Williams paid a visit to rural Minnesota to meet members of Tom Brady’s family, who shared their memories of the Patriots quarterback when he was younger and would visit his grandfather’s farm.

Brady’s mother, Galynn, grew up in the small farming town of Browerville. Members of his family still live there and told Williams about their connection to Brady.

“I feel that it’s very unique being related to Tom Brady because he’s one of a kind,” said Brady’s cousin, Paul Johnson.

Brady spoke at Wednesday’s news conference about his memories of Minnesota, recounting milking cows with his grandfather. Johnson remembered playing with Brady and his sisters on the farm when they would come visit from California.

Brady’s Uncle Gary said his nephew used to love getting fried sunfish during his visits and his Aunt Diane added that he loved her brownies. Johnson said with Brady’s well-known strict diet, that may not still be true.

“Tom eats so healthy now, I don’t know if he’s going to want to eat our greasy fish anymore,” said Johnson.

While Brady’s family can’t always travel to Foxborough to see him play, they do watch the Patriots from Johnson’s man cave. The room is decorated with Patriots and Brady memorabilia.

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