Big doings in the world of water temperatures today. The (surface) ocean temperature jumped from 48 to 51 in the afternoon…then fell back to the upper 40s again. While brief, the warmup was a pretty good sign after starting the spring in the mid 30s. Yet, it still falls below normal in the grand scheme of expected water temperatures for early May.

There’s a reason I’m starting off with the water temperatures. Winds blowing off the water tomorrow will manhandle the high temperatures along the coast – and hold a heavy hand over those inland too. In fact, with onshore breezes this weekend, we can knock the coastal temperatures down a few degrees. So when we say “cooler coast” in the 7 day, shave about 3-5 degrees off the high temperature you see.

Widespread showers are out of the picture this weekend – a fact that seems to carry over from March and April, where we are (have been) over an inch below normal in Boston. Even next week, some wet weather may come our way for Tuesday, but it’s nothing near the soaking we need. Privately, I am getting concerned about this fact as we head into the warm season. Won’t take much to slip us into a drought, especially since most of our rainfall in the summer is from convective type precipitation. (Commonly known as thunderstorms…just trying to make myself sound smart.)

In the meantime, kick back and watch the temperatures go up…after tomorrow.


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